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How often do women need new briefs?

Women's briefs and women's health, there is a very close relationship, if the use of inappropriate briefs, it is likely to make women infected with gynecological diseases. Women in life know to wash briefs every day, but for the service life of underwear, but not special understanding. Then the woman

How often do you change your underwear?

First, how dirty are your underwear?

Each pair of underwear is found to have an average of 0.1g of feces, and this moment of feces, but there are a lot of bacteria, bacteria parasites and eggs, even through the correct way to wash, dry, these bacteria may not be able to completely kill. And these bacteria and germs, they'll do it to me

The children's health poses a threat. So women should change their underwear regularly, is responsible for their own health.

How often do women change their women's briefs?

Generally speaking, the person that pays attention to sanitation can change underwear everyday, say so the frequency that underwear cleans can compare tall, this kind of briefs needs to change at most 3 months. However, if you have a large number of underwear and change them infrequently, you can change them every six months

The longest time is not more than half a year. In addition to the time limit, we also need to observe some changes in underwear to better determine when to replace the new.

Actually appear when these 3 kinds of circumstances, you should change!

1, underwear wear for a period of time, if found that the underwear began to deformation, elasticity became poor, and the underwear material began to become dry and hard, then the underwear must be replaced.

2, if you find some stains on the underwear, how to wash can not wash out, then need to replace the underwear immediately.

3. If you feel stuffy after wearing the underwear, the breathability is very poor, and the moisture absorption effect is very poor, you should not wear the underwear.

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