Q1: Why is my packing order pending, just shipped from the post office ..........

Answer: Sorry for the delay. Usually, the delivery time to your address is 10-15 working days, and the tracking information will be updated within 48-72 hours and sent to your mailbox. Please don't worry. We guarantee that your order is safe and the goods are correct.

Q2. Do you do wholesale business?

Answer: Yes, wholesale business is welcome. If you need wholesale business, please contact us.

Q3. Is your website secure?

Answer: Yes, all orders are processed through PayPal's 100% secure "http" server. All other information is secure. We never share other information with any other party. Hacker security is also smoothly passed.

Q4. How long does it take for me to receive an order?

Answer: Handle orders daily. Your order will be processed by our warehouse or supplier. You can expect your order to be delivered within 1-2 weeks. Sometimes there will be some delays, due to huge demand, holidays, slow customs processing, but your order will eventually be delivered.

Q5. We pay with paypal, but the status display hasn't been delivered yet?

Answer: Sometimes the tracking information is delayed, especially during the holidays, during which time you may get your goods before we update what you actually shipped.

Q6. How much does it cost to ship to our country?

Answer: The U.S. Postal Administration Aviation and Postal Corporation provides global shipping. All international orders over $100 can be delivered free of charge. An order under $100 charges a freight rate of $15.

Q7. Can our products be cheaper? 

Answer: Our current price is the lowest. We are committed to very strict profit margin. If the price of raw materials fluctuates, we will adjust the price.Value.

Q8. Why are the goods I receive different from those on your website?

Answer: Sorry, there is a slight difference between the goods you receive and the pictures on our website. But in fact, what you receive is the same as what we put on our website. This is due to chromatic aberration and photography.Different angles. Therefore, the actual project may be different from the pictures on our website. For example: color. If so, we apologize.


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