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Do you know how dirty briefs is after a day?

  Briefs is absolutely the most intimate clothing for women. They have a direct relationship with women's health, but do you know how long it takes to throw them away? In fact, briefs also has a life span, if it is worn too long, it will directly endanger health.

  Do you know how dirty briefs is?

  If you ask girls how often they change their briefs, most of them think they change their briefs every day. But you know, when you change your briefs every day, there are still a lot of bacteria in it. It's so dirty that you're surprised. Some people think socks are especially dirty, but actually wearing briefs for a day is dirtier than it, not only stained with feces, but also you can not see a large number of E. coli and parasites.

  If you change your wash every few days, be careful that your lower body is ruined by your briefs. Maybe some girls change their briefs once a day, but the briefs they change will be put in the basin, waiting for a few, and then wash them together when they have time. They think it's clean and convenient, but you know that doing so will lead to a large number of bacteria breeding, which is more harmful to health.

  How to Wash Underpants Cleanly

  briefs washing is also methodological, first change the briefs washed will be rubbed off the surface of dirty things, then put in the laundry disinfectant soak for half an hour, then with laundry solution, or soap rubbing, and finally repeatedly rinse with clean water can be. After washing, you can blanch it with hot water and disinfect it in the sun.

  How long do you need to throw your briefs away?

  Although we have just taught you the correct way to clean briefs, but there will still be a lot of bacteria you can not see with the naked eye, so wear for a period of time need to be thrown away, as to how long there is no rigid standard, you can observe whether briefs discoloration, deformation, once found that such a situation can be thrown away; especially when you wear small briefs; When you feel uncomfortable in your lower body, don't be afraid of wasting. Just throw it away. After all, health is more important.

  How to Choose Briefs

  Many people like to choose light-colored briefs, think it is healthier, but some people will think that light-colored underwear is not easy to wash, like to choose dark briefs, generally speaking, the crotch part of briefs is suggested to be light-colored, so that you can observe secretions at any time, timely understanding of your health. If you choose dark briefs, you must soak and rinse it in advance to see if there is fading pornography. Once you find that the fading is too serious, you should give it up decisively.

  Not only in the selection of color, the material of briefs is also very important, to choose breathable, elastic cotton, or Modal cotton briefs, do not choose too tight briefs, lest lead to women's privacy too wet, leading to bacteria overgrowth. Also do not choose chemical fiber and silk material briefs, this kind of underwear is the easiest to static electricity, has greater damage to the skin.

  It is important to know that many women who are often entangled with vaginitis are attributed to their preference for wearing tight polyester briefs. These underwear not only have very poor air permeability, but also tend to cause secretions to accumulate together, leading to infection and erosion.

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